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Dunhuang of China.

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Located 70 kilometers to the southwest of Dunhuang City, Yang Guan Relics Scenic Area of Dunhuang is a special scenic area consisting of historical sites from the Han and Tang Dynasties, natural desert scenery, ecological agriculture sightseeing and the Yangguan Museum. Its characteristic is of cultural value, sightseeing and leisure experience.

The scenic area is home to many marvels and is one of the places in Dunhuang where cultural relics are distributed most densely. It consists mainly of the historical relic sites of more than two thousand years, the natural landscape of desert oasis and modern human landscapes. On Dundun Mountain there stands the Beacon of the Han Dynasty which is the commanding point of the scenic area, known as ”Ears of Eyre of Yangguan”. It is a witness of the history of Yangguan. Yangguan museum is located in the center of the scenic area. There is also the Antique Beach, 800 meters to the south of the Beacon, which is the site where the Yangguan Ruins are located. To the east of the Beacon, there are the old sites of Tangshouchang City and Hanwowa Lake where the Heavenly Horse was unearthed. To the southwest, the southern section of the Silk Road winds in the mountains. In the Desert Forest Park there grow ancient trees towering in the sky and springs gurgling. Climbing high and looking from afar, you can have a panoramic view of the snow-crowned Altun Mountain (Golden Saddle Mountain in ancient times) and the vast, magnificent Gobi desert. The tomb groups of the Han and Jin Dynasties are dotted everywhere. Along with the magnificent natural landscape of the desert oasis, the scenery there is marvelous.