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Wuwei City

Wuwei Wen Temple, also known as Confucius Temple or Wen Shrine, is located in the southeast of Wuwei. Claimed to be “The Largest School in Longyou Area (old name of Gansu Province)" , the temple is an architectural complex with imperial style and spectacular grandeur. It was first built in 1939 and got its sheer size after several expansions. Facing south and covering 1500 square meters, the temple is a sacred place for men of letters to study and worship Confucius in all ages.

  Wen Temple has three groups of buildings respectively situated in the east, middle and west. In the east is located the Wenchang Palace for worshiping the Great Wenchang Spirit, with the temple gate to the south and Tsung shrine to the north. At the center of the temple is Confucius Temple for worshiping Confucius, “The teacher for all ages".  It is an architectural complex which has Dacheng Hall at the centered, Halberd Gate , Lingxing Gate, Zhuangyuan (Scholar) Bridge and Pan-chi Pond in the south, Zunjing Hall in the north, and ancient Liangzhou Confucian Academy in the west. With a symmetrical layout and solid structure, the temple stands grandly in a quiet and extraordinarily scenery of towering pine and cypresses. There are carved beams and painted pillars as well as plenty of inscription steles and tablets, worth your close appreciation.

  Wuwei Museum, the second largest history museum in Gansu Province, now is within Wuwei Wen Temple, preserving more than 44,000 precious relics and antiques. In the museum, there are relics of the Han and Tang Dynasties represented by medical and etiquette wooden slips, wood sculptures and stone inscriptions of epitaph; relics of the Xixia Dynasty represented by Wood Tower (as a cremation urn), wood-engraving and the Golden Bowl; relics of Chinese ancient coins represented by Liangzao Xinquan Coins and Xixia silver coins; relics of Ming and Qing Dynasties represented by porcelains, tablets and Shuilu paintings for religious ritual purpose. All the relics enjoy a high reputation at home and abroad.