Silk Road Angel Tours

Dunhuang of China.

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The Silk Road inspired by the magnificent Dunhuang frescoes, The World-famous Chinese classical dance drama.The Silk Road follows master fresco painter Zhang, his daughter Yingniang,and Persian merchant Yunus as they travel along the Silk Road. 

The play memorializes the deep friendship between Chinese people and foreign people, depicts wisdom and open dynasty, and the frequent international exchanges in the fields of economy and culture. It also weaves a story of great friendship through song and the ancient, beautiful, innovative and unique style of dance.

 The Silk Road first appeared on the stage in1979 in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China, and was awarded First Place for Creation and Performance by the Ministry of Culture.

Enjoy this wonderful performance at Dunhuang Grand Theater, from 20:30 till 21:40.