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Dunhuang of China.

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This is Yugu Nationality, it just can be found in Gansu provice.









 The Horse’s Hoofs Temple Grottoes, 165 km southeast to the Sunan County, is a tourist area combining grotto art, the scenery of Qilian Mountain, and the flavor of Yugur nationality. It gets the name because of the heavenly horse’s hoofs’ print which is kept in the Horse’s Hoofs Hall of Puguang Temple and is treasure of the Temple.

  The environment around the scenic area is picturesque. Green mountains, clear water, odd peaks and unusual caves are “Four Wonders" in the area. The average altitude here is about 2580 meters. The annual average temperature is 1-3℃. The area has 67 km2 of forests, most of which are spruce and juniper. The main mountains are Wild Ox Mountain, Zhengnangounao Mountain, Dieshui Mountain, Daguanxing Mountain, Dadumahenao Mountain, and Dragon Mountain. The main rivers are Dayekou River, Suyoukou River, Xiaoduma River, Daduma River, Haichaoba River, Heniukou River, Hoof River, and Flood River. Linsong Falls run all the year round. Horse’s Hoofs Grottoes, a Historic site built in the Jin Dynasty, divided into Gold Tower Temple, Up, Middle, and Down Kwan-Yin Cave, South and North Horse’s Hoofs Temple, is a historical and cultural site under the protection of the state. It is a tourist attraction combining cultural landscape, natural scenery and ethnic customs.

  You can live in the Yugur’s tent, drink barley wine, and eat mutton with hands to experience the living style and customs of nomads.