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Dunhuang of China.

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Langmu Monastery, a Tibetan Buddhist temple, is located in Langmusi Township, 90 kilometers south of Luqu County. It is beside Bailong River at the hill foot of the north side of Guoer Mangliang Mountain, a branch of Xiqing Mountains. Langmu Monastery covers common boundary of Gansu, Qinghai, Sichuan provinces.

  “Langmu" in Tibetan language is Lady Fairy, and the name derives a lady-like stone in the nearby cave. The stone was incarnated by a fairy, as a popular legend says. At the back of the monastery, there is a tiger’s cave hiding behind the thick woods, and the cave has a Tibetan name – Dehecang. Therefore, the name of the monastery can be interpreted as Lady Fairy in Tiger’s Cave. Across Bailong River, Nagel is in Sichuan side beyond the borderline, once in history reached its peak time. In front of Langmu Monastery is a monk-hat shape mountain. On the east side of the monastery stands a cliff of red sandstone and conglomerate. On the west side are tall and rugged peaks, large patches of pines carpeting the foot of the mountains.