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Dunhuang of China.

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Jiayuguan Cultural Relics Scenic Area, located at the famous Silk Road tourist route, covers an area of 4 km2. It is a comprehensive scenic area built around the “Number One Mighty Pass Under the Sun "——Jiayuguan Pass, centering on the culture of the Great Wall and the Silk Road, and combining culture presentation, sightseeing and recreation.

  The Pass of Jiayuguan was built in 1372. The whole building process lasted 168 years (from 1372 to 1539). It is the most magnificent and the most important pass among thousands of ones governed by nine towns along the Great Wall of the Ming Dynasty. Because of its strategic location and grandeur it gets the name of “Mighty Pass Under the Sun", “Lock to the Frontier."

  The Pass is situated on the Jiayu Mountain which is in the middle of the narrowest valley, the highest terrain in the area, 6 km to the southwest of Jiayuguan City. Walls at two wings of the Pass traverse the Gobi desert. 8 km to its north is the Overhanging Great Wall on the Black Mountain; 7 km to its south is Number One Beacon Fire Tower in the World which dominates the west end of the Great Wall of the Ming Dynasty, and is the first pass of Hexi region since ancient times.

  The Pass consists of inner city, enclosure for defense outside the city gate, outer city, and moat. The center of the Pass is inner city which is 640 meters round, 10.7 meters high, and covers an area of 25 thousand m2. Its walls are constructed with rammed loess. The west front of the wall is wrapped with bricks to make it strong and firm. On the Pass there are dozens of embrasure watchtowers, watchtowers, turrets, garrets, gate buildings. In the city there is general’s mansion, well pavilion, Wenchang Pavilion, Temple Of Guan Yu, memorial arch, opera stage, etc.. A stone tablet over 100 meters west to the Pass reads “Mighty Pass Under the Sun" which is striking echoes with Shanhaiguan Pass——“Number One Pass in the World" million miles away.