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Dunhuang of China.

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On the left wing of the Jiayuguan Pass, the Overhanging Great Wall is located on the north slope of the Black Mountain that is at the north side of Shiguan Gorge 8 km to the north of the Pass. Built in 1539 and made of slab stones and loess, its original length was 1.5 km. Now only 750 meters of the wall survives. And 231 meters of it made of rammed loess is overhanging on the ridge with a slope of 45and 150 meters high, which seems like hanging upside down, hence the name “Overhanging Great Wall".

  Repaired in 1987, the Overhanging Great Wall consists of ramp, crenel walls and beacon fire towers. Three beacon fire towers were built at the head and tail of it. Stepped ramp is built for the convenience of tourists. Although there are only about four hundreds steps, it is enough for tourists to linger over. It is easy to walk on some flat places, while as difficult as though climbing the cliff to walk on some precipitous places. A poem testifies to this: “The Pass along the Great Wall off thousands miles, is overhanging on the Black Mountain ranges."