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Re: KANG JINXIN  康锦新   (Mob: +86 138 3074 5812)

I am writing to highly compliment one of your guides based in Dunhuang, Gansu Province. His name is Kang Jinxin.

My wife and I had the good fortune to meet him on one of our tours on the Silk Road in 2010 and Kang Jinxin was a freelance guide based at the famous Magao Caves in Dunhuang. We found him to be a fluent speaker of English and extremely knowledgeable. He was also very aware of the needs and tastes of the foreigner and enabled our visit to the Gansu section of the Silk Road to be a very memorable one.

Thereafter we became aware that Kang Jinxin also ran a small travel agency on the internet for tailor-made tours and in 2011 he organised two trips for us to Yunnan in the summer (18 days) and over Christmas (9 days). He also organised our 10-day trip to Hunan over Christmas 2012 and then a 10-day trip to Weizhou Island in Guangxi in January 2013. We found the itineraries he suggested very interesting and he always made sure that the trip went smoothly with regular telephone calls during our trips.

In the summer of 2012, he personally accompanied us on a 20-day trip to Gansu and Qinghai and continued to excel in the way he spoke English and in his diligence in taking care of our needs but was unobtrusive as he knew that my wife and I prefer privacy much of the time. This summer, Kang Jinxin kindly agreed to accompany both of us on a 22-day trip to Shanxi and Henan even though these are not provinces familiar to him. However, as Kang Jinxin is a conscientious worker and always willing to learn, we had a very enjoyable time together, visiting ancient sites and gaining many fascinating insights into China’s history and civilisation.

In short, my wife and I cannot praise Kang Jinxin highly enough for what he has done to enable both of us to gain much insight into the history and culture of China at the relatively leisurely pace we both prefer. In all our dealings with Kang Jinxin, he has been consistently honest, trustworthy and totally reliable. The itineraries he has organised for us have all been brilliant and his attitude towards foreigners like us has been exceptional since he has always been able to cater to our needs successfully.

We wish China every success in producing excellent guides like Kang Jinxin.

Yours faithfully,

Michael and Boon Hiah Youles


July 2013