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Dunhuang of China.

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Day 1:  Arrive at Lanzhou                                    

By morning flight to Lanzhou. Meet & transfer to the city, Visit the Gansu Provincial Museum, the Water Wheel Garden, White Pogoda Hill.

Day 2: Lanzhou – Xiahe (B/L/D)                         

This morning you will drive to Liujiaxia Dam, change the boat to Binglingsi Grottoes, Bingling is the transliteration of a Tibetan expression ,which means “Ten Thousand Buddhas”, The formal construction of the Bingling Temple took place in 420,the first year under the reign of Jianhong of Northern Wei, Northern Zhou ,Sui and Tang, and murals and decorations were made even in the Yuan and Ming Dynasties. Well preserved here now are 183 caves and enshrined in them are 900 square meters of frescoes and 694 Buddha statues, of which 82 are clay sculptures. They are disposed on a large cliff of 200 by 60 meters .

Transfer to Xiahe,where is famous for Labrang Lamsery of the Yellow Sect of Tibetan Buddism.

Day 3:Xiahe (B/L/D)                                         

 This morning, you will visit Labrang Monastery, and you can walk around the whole temple and the Tibetan village. Labrang Lamasery was initially built under the supervision of Jiamuyang, the first generation of  Living Buddha in 1709, the 48th year in the reign of Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty, With the following living Buddhas to carry on the job it has now become the largest center for the Tibetan religious culture in Gansu, Qinghai and Sichuan provinces.

In the afternoon visit the Old Octagonal Town, it was initially established in 1st century AD. TheTibetan and Han people live in this town from the ancient until today, let’s visit a local Tibetanfamily in this town, and tasty the Tibetan food, yogurt, Zangba and milk tea.

Day 4 Xiahe –Zhangye (B/L/D)                       

     Transfer to Lanzhou, take the high speed train to Zhangye. In the afternoon Visit the Danxia Landform National Park, it is both the largest and the most typical of China’s arid area Danxia landform.

Day 5 Zhangye – Jiayuguan  (B/L/D)               

Visit the Giant Buddha Temple. the Horse Hoof Temple Grottoes, in the afternoon by bus to Jiayuguan.   

Day 6 Jiayuguan - Guazhou  (B/L/D)              

     Visit the famous Jiayuguan Pass & Museum of the Great Wall, the western end of the Great Wall of the Ming Dynasty - Overhanging Great WallPainting Bricks in the tomb of the Wei & Jin Dynasty, the painting bricks inlaid on the four walls have beautiful colors and various contents which cover the polities, economy, military and culture, it’s called “Underground Art Gallery ”in the afternoon transfer to Guazhou

Day 7 Guazhou – Dunhuang     (B/L/D)           

Visit the Yulin Caves, it can be traced to the same origin in contents, artistic style and form of painting for the Mogao Caves, it’s regarded as its sister with its name known to many people in the country. After lunch visit the ruins of Suoyangcheng, it used to be a very important stop on the Silk Road, it has listed in the UNESCO in 2015

Transfer to Dunhuang.

Day 8: Dunhuang  (B/L/D)                             

Visit the Gade Gate Pass & Great Wall of Han Dynasty, In history, the Han Dynasty built many walls to consolidate the safety of the frontier region as well as exploring ways to do business with western region. Instead of piling up stones or bricks layer upon layer like other dynasties' walls, the Han Dynasty Great Wall is built by using the local sand and weed. These two constructional materials were added by putting one on top of another. On average, every layer measures 12 to 15 centimeters (4.7 to 5.9 inches). The present remains of the wall measure from 1.6 feet tall to over 6.6 feet tall.

Vsit the Crescent Moon Lake & the Singing-Sand Dunes. enjoy a camel ride in the sand dunes. enjoy a wonderful dance drama in China tonight---The Silk Road . 

Day 11: Dunhuang (B/L/D)                          

You will visit Mogao Caves & Digital Film Center , one of the 4 most famous grottoes in China. It has a total of 492 grottoes, 45,000 square-meters of murals, 2,400 painted statues and over 250 residential caves remain.

After lunch,transfer to the aiport for your flight to Xian/Beijing/Shanghai.


This is a classic tour destination, Gansu has listed into the top 52 destination in the world in 2018.

Welcome to book this tour with us, and we also can arrange more tours in Beijing, Shanghai, and Xinjiang. It can be extanded on your requests.